Brett Richards

Founder / Creative Director / Stockholm

Brett grew up in the countryside outside of Adelaide in Australia. Much later he graduated from Flinders University with a combined degree in Film and Philosophy and most of a Law degree. From there it was a hop skip and a jump into the exciting world of Visual FX for Features and commercials. Fast forward to 2011 and Brett has been in Sweden for 17 years.

His days are now spent finding new and exciting ways to tell stories with a seamless mix of high-end post and in camera realism. A nautral born control freak Brett often finishes his own spots but never over cooks them.

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Niklas Gunnarsson

Director / Producer

With over 20 years experience as producer, director and editor, ¬†Niklas still loves the challenge and problem solving that is creating moving pictures. Big complicated Post Production driven projects, small food shoot or character driven storytelling doesn’t matter.

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Roi Sabarov

Creative Partner / Stockholm

Once upon a time Roi was a design student living in Israel. Now his is a designer/director living in Stockholm. Roi has a unique eye for details and has the patience and dedication to master them. He is most comfortable creating things that are really, really beautiful or really really charming.

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