Brokendoll Productions

Brokendoll Productions is the sister arm of Brokendoll. Where Brokendoll provides captivating tales for brands, Brokendoll Productions tells dramatic, imaginative and original stories narratives for film and television.

Founded by the Richards brothers, Brett the director and Scott the writer, have two original properties under development, a fast-paced British Comedy, “The Buffalo Hunter” and a powerful near-future science fiction series, “Fire Over Light”, that ties our relationship with advanced technologies, and wraps the drama with a compelling and violent mystery.

The Buffalo Hunter

Brent and Darcy have been friends since childhood, failing their way through formal education, and fumbling from one dead-end job to another, dodging responsibility at every turn.

When Brent receives a disability pension, and Darcy is forced to work at a meat-processing plant, Darcy tries to make some money on the side to lift his spirits. When the deal goes sour, Brent and Darcy invent a British Gangster to explain the mishap, the only problem now is they have to make their villain real.

Who better to play the role than their unemployed actor friend, Kevin? There’s just one problem, for Kevin it’s the role of a lifetime, and he brings it to bloody reality.

Fire Over Light

“Fire Over Light” is meticulously planned and character driven science-fiction story set in the near future, that explores our relationship with advanced technologies, in a world where human society, has divided through wealth, with one branch of society led by artificial intelligence and another branch is trammeled by poverty, climate change and the cruelty of human nature.

In its simplest form, “Fire Over Light” uses an ensemble cast of characters, each fighting in their corner of the world, from the AI that govern society, to the dissident alleviating a food-shortage, to explore what happens when we slowly hand our lives over to machines, letting them make more and more decisions for how we lead our lives.

The themes of Fire Over Light echo our present-day, where AI is quietly infiltrating our lives, from evaluating a suspect’s bail conditions, analysing our medical records, and manipulating our stock markets, or restructuring our labour markets.